UU Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles with Sarah Richardssharing_circles

Rev. Sarah wants to get to know the Fellowship and its members and friends, so she and an enthusiastic team have come up with Sharing Circles. A Sharing Circle is:

  • Guided discussion group of 10-12 people
  • Meets for 75 minutes
  • Eight to be scheduled; sign up for one discussion.
  • The sign up poster will be in the foyer, sign up any time there, or by email to sarah@revsarahrichards.com.
  • Uses the CUF Mission and Vision Statements to guide questions about individuals’ experiences at the Fellowship. Some questions about covenants will also be on the Discussion Guide.
  • Discussion Guide will appear in the CUF Links, and Weekly Bulletins, and in hard copy Sunday mornings, so that people can think and make notes about what they’d like to share.
  • Those who can’t or would prefer not to participate in a Sharing Circle can use the Discussion Guide to write their stories and give them to Rev. Sarah.
  • All youth and adults, no matter how long your association with the Fellowship, are invited to participate!