This Precious Day

Sarah Richards
November 19, 2017

This Precious Day

Oh, we give thanks for this precious day. What makes this day precious? What makes this moment precious? And how do we show our thanks?

A couple of weeks ago, I talked how we might respond, as a people of abundance, to the epidemic of loneliness – emotional, social, spiritual disconnection in America. I asked us to think about these questions: What are the places where you find an abundance of beauty, or power, places that you feel yourself calmed or invigorated physically and emotionally? Who are the people that you have met, known, lived with, who have “given themselves over to service” in ways large and small? People whose example moves you to a similar generosity of spirit? What are other signs and sources of abundance in your life?

What are the signs of abundance – people, activities, feelings – that you’ve experienced here at CUF? What are the sources of abundance that you see sustaining this congregation now and in the future? The story – and enactment of Stone Soup last week was a delicious example of coming together to create and share abundance and the mindset of abundance.

How, as a people of abundance, might we pass it on, pay it forward, let it rain? This is how we show our gratitude – being mindful of what we have to be thankful for is the first step – showing our gratitude by passing it on brings us full circle.

Today, at our Thanksgiving Service, we express our gratitude, our thanks, for all of these people, animals, places, communities – connections which nourish our spirits, give us strength, comfort, healing, make us laugh. [Bring out Our Grace sign]. How can we show our gratitude? Saying grace is an acknowledgment of our abundance and gratitude – the first step of awareness – and then, sharing our bounty – symbolized this morning by the bread shared within our community, and passing it on to folks at the shelter at the Women’s Center. It’s a wonderful moment of community and connection we have on this precious day.

And now, before we get into it, I want to leave you with this question to ponder: when you wake up tomorrow morning, a Monday, school day, work day, weekly routine day…a precious day, how will you give thanks for it? How will you recognize and be grateful for the abundance of a Monday, and how will you share it, and pass it on? And then the next day, and the day after that – all precious, all worthy of thanks…may we see in ourselves, each other, in our community, and in each moment that which is worthy of our thanks giving.