Parent / Teacher Orientation

Parent/Teacher Orientation 2016-2017

SPEAK UP: We can’t solve/fix/address issues or problems if we are unaware of them. Don’t suffer alone or in silence. Don’t think you’re the only one seeing a problem, as someone else is probably concerned as well. By this we mean, share the issue with the RE Coordinator (REC) and/or members of the RE Committee, and the sooner the better.

Arrival: Be ready by 10:15. Be ready by 10:15. Be ready by 10:15 Visitors always arrive early, usually very early. They want to see the classrooms, meet the teachers, get their kids comfortable, and be able to get to the start of service on time. If you arrive at 10:30, they can’t do any of that, and it does not make for a good first impression.

Supplies: Check out the RE storage room, look around your room, or call Roy. There is a list on the door of the storage room, indicating what you should be able to find. Please put things back when finished.

Curriculum Lessons: Be flexible, consider it as a guide, and definitely feel free to exchange/replace readings or activities. If something isn’t appealing to you, it’s probably not going to work for the kids, either, so trust your feelings.

Attendance: Please take attendance. Let the RE Coordinator know if anyone needs to be registered.

Behavior: Any child that takes away your attention or energy most likely does so to other teachers as well. Don’t try to solve these situations alone…tell the RE Coordinator. Parents and teachers need to work together to make this program work. Usually parents are willing to help make things run smoothly for all, and if they are kept informed they can usually provide great solutions. At the first sign of disrespect or non-cooperation, speak up.

Helpers: Our practice is to have at least two adults in classroom. Be ready to volunteer as a helper!

Emergency absence: If you can’t make it, let the RE Coordinator know as soon as possible.

Long service: Have a plan for when the service unexpectedly runs long. It happens!

Class over: Parents should pick up kids. If you need to go, please take the kids to their parents (or have the REC or the helper help).

Update information: Inform the REC of new phone, email, or different address.

Something feels wrong: Anything that makes you think twice, or feels odd, please inform the REC. Staff are mandated reporters when it comes to issues of abuse. If an adult’s behavior makes you feel uneasy, report it to REC, RE Committee Chair, or Minister.

Schedule: Don’t assume the other teachers know when your turn is over. Please make phone contact to make sure everyone is on same page. Make personal contact with the next teacher to confirm they know it’s their turn.

Reimbursement for expenses: First, check the supply closet! See RE Committee chair before buying anything beyond classroom supplies.

Have fun: If you’re not having fun, talk to the REC or member of the RE Committee. This should be a good experience, not something to run from. Let’s work together to find solutions.

What the kids will remember: The children will remember how they felt, not the details of any particular lesson. A safe, comfortable, non-judgmental, challenging environment is what we strive for.

Info for Parents: Think of a simple way, which works for you, to let parents know what you’ve done in class. For example, tape a note beside the door, or write on the blackboard, or use the dry erase board outside the classroom, something the parent can see at a glance.

Arrival: Be ready by 10:15. Be ready by 10:15. Be ready by 10:15
This will give you time to get to know the visitor and child that show up for the first time.


  • Running inside the building needs to stop. Remind the children to use “inside” speed.
  • The middle school room (aka the pillow room) should either be monitored by adults, or the younger children should not be in there. We want to show respect to the room and avoid injury.
  • “Put it back!!” Please help the children learn respect for this space by picking up and putting things back in order.
  • Please don’t let the kids deface, alter, or destroy the large rocks outside.
  • Children wishing to go to the Parrish playground, or the half-pipe at the Life Community Center, should always have adult supervision.

Enjoy, and thanks for your support!
Connie Payne, RE Coordinator
Amy Weber, RE Committee Chair