Our Zambia Partnership

CUF & the Ranchhod Community Services / Orphan Day Care
A Partnership of Caring since 2003
Carla and Hospice Patients

Carla and Hospice Patients

Since spring of 2003, the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship has been involved in a partnership with Ranchhod Community Services and Hospice in Kabwe, Zambia.  The partnership started after a CUF member visited Africa in 2002 on an AIDS seminar tour sponsored by the Foundation For Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Since that time CUF members and the Southern Illinois Community have been involved in so many ways.

Several CUF members have traveled to Ranchhod in Zambia to listen to the stories of survival and loss.  We put names to faces and through all their adversity, the faces still try to smile and be brave for those remaining.   Their strength and perseverance has been an inspiration to all of us involved.  We have watched programs develop in family planning services, addition of a second orphan day care facility, increased outreach clinics in the villages, and additions to the hospice building providing more beds and increased services.

We bring medicines, and other medical supplies for the adults and children.  We bring school supplies for the preschool program.  We bring clothing and personal supplies for the patients in the hospice.  Members of the Carbondale Fellowship and Southern Illinois community donate all of these items towards our Zambia partnership.

We meet and work with the dedicated staff and home-based caregivers.

The Southern Illinois West African Drum Ensemble

The Southern Illinois West African Drum Ensemble

Zambia Fundraiser

Fundraising Art Auction – March 2015

We have had several successful fundraising events with all proceeds going directly to Ranchhod Hospice in Zambia to assist with food and medical supplies.   Several future Fundraisers are being planned.

The Busy Bees
The Busy Bees

The Busy Bees

The Busy Bees are a group of women who have lost loved ones due to AIDS.  Many are caring for multiple grandchildren.  They meet daily to support each other and do income-generating activities such as beadwork, knitting, sewing, and raising chickens.  In 2006 The UU Women’s Federation provided a grant to build a permanent workshop for them.  Donations of small beads and yarn are accepted at the fellowship.

Nightgown and Toy ProgramZambia

This program allows individuals to create a meaningful gift for patients or children at Ranchhod Hospice. Southern Illinois community members have sewn or purchased nightgowns and made small dolls that are lovingly received by patients during their hospice admission and hopeful recovery. For more information on both sewing programs
 E-mail Debbie Czarnopys-White at bdcw@frontiernet.net

Library and Literacy Center
In June of 2010, CUF received a grant from the UU Women’s Federation to establish a Library/Literacy Center to serve the orphans, patients and caregivers at Ranchhod.  In September of 2010 the center was up and running with a full-time librarian/storyteller.
Contact:Mimi Gingold mimigingold@gmail.com


We invite you to join the work of The Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship in its’ Partnership with Ranchhod Community Services and Hospice.

Attend fundraisers as advertised and sign up to be on a mailing list to inform you of upcoming activities.


Jan Eisenhard at 618-534-9169 eisenhard@mchsi.com
Debbie Czarnopys-White 618-201-3753  bdcw@frontiernet.net


For only $100.00 per year you can support an AIDS orphan to attend Ranchhod Day Care Program where they receive 2 healthy meals a day, health monitoring, early learning skills, emotional and psychological support as they cope with trying to understand the deaths of the people they love. The $100.00 would pay for food, supplies, medication, teachers, a social worker and caregivers.

Donations are tax-deductible and are sent directly to Ranchhod. Checks should be made out to Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship with the words Orphan Care Support in the memo line. Send checks to the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship:

105 North Parrish Lane
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Attention Jan Eisenhard