Our Congregational Covenant


We are the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship
With compassion we honor our whole selves, each other and our beloved community.
With intention, we choose to walk together in fellowship.
We seek truth and growth together, nurturing each other’s spirit and sense of reverence.
We respect all individuals and strive to create a world where all are treated with love and dignity.
We believe all people have strengths and wisdom, and are able to contribute to our faith community. We give action to our faith through service and the pursuit of justice in the wider world. Every act of service, lovingly performed, matters.
We value diversity in its many forms and welcome with open minds and hearts, all those who come among us.

Long form/Behavioral Covenant, May 11, 2016

We are the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship. We welcome newcomers with warmth and kindness. We commit to building our relationships with each other, with patience and forgiveness, interacting with others as they are, not as we imagine them to be. We will lovingly support one another on our spiritual paths, as we continue becoming our best selves.

The responsibility of each member of the fellowship is to participate to the level of their ability in the activities necessary to maintain a healthy, vibrant fellowship. Areas of contribution include, but are not limited to, maintaining building and grounds, volunteering in religious education, serving on committees, and sharing talents to support the work of the fellowship.

It is each member’s responsibility to make a financial contribution to the fellowship that reflects the value they place on this community. We each determine with earnest consideration the financial resources that we are able to contribute to sustain a healthy and growing fellowship.

We engage in social action through service and advocacy to promote a more kind and just world. Our efforts include education, engagement with the local and global communities, and participation in interfaith and broader Unitarian Universalist initiatives.

When we see something that needs to be changed in our fellowship, we first try to engage the issue directly in a respectful manner. If we cannot resolve the issue directly, we bring the issue to the leadership of the fellowship, such as the Minister or a Board of Trustees member.

We grow in community in times of joy and celebration and in times of sorrow and challenge.

We take care of each other and we take care with each other.

We are this Fellowship.