Meet the Minister & Staff

Meet the Staff

(L to R: DeSande R, Jennifer Langin, Kelly Kitchens, Connie Payne, Rev. Sarah Richards.)

The Fellowship is a great place to meet new friends and become part of a community. These are some of the wonderful people that are a part of our congregation.  Learn more about the Rainbow Cafe here.

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  • Reverend Sarah C. Richards

    Our minister at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship and ex officio member of our Board of Directors.

  • Connie Payne

    Religious Education Coordinator

  • DeSande R

    Office Administrative Assistant at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship.

  • Kelly Kitchens

    Kelly has been with the nursery staff at the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship for more than 15 years.

  • Jennifer Langin

    Jennifer is our newest staff person. She joins Kelly in the Nursery.

  • Jodi Ruffner

    Religious Education Coordinator Assistant

  • Stephanie Reece

    Choir Director Stephanie Reece graduated from SIU in 2009 with a Bachelor's in Music Ed. She is also Aquatics Coordinator for the Carbondale Park District.