The CUF Community Library

The Commons Library

When we moved to our new building in 2004, our library became a focal feature of our Fellowship Commons. In 2012 we formally expanded to the room know as the adult meeting room located just off the RE Commons.  A new Library Committee has dedicated itself to expanding and improving this valuable resource.

CUF Library Committee Mission Statement

The CUF Library furnishes materials and services to help members obtain information to help create a foundation for Unitarian Universalist identity through spiritual, social and personal cultivation.

– to provide material on Unitarian history and philosophy.
– to provide materials on ecumenical spiritual and religious matters of world religions.
– to provide materials on humanist, political and social issues, both domestic and global.
– to provide material for personal and emotional growth and understanding

The CUF Library fulfills this mission through provision of written and audio visual material. To facilitate these goals, the committee hopes to add a searchable database for a more user friendly environment. Through these services the library provides an intellectual basis for the individual and collective goals of the Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship.

In 2013, we began using the on-line service “Library Thing.”  Our collection is now in process of being cataloged.  When complete, the public will be able to browse and search our collection from their home computer.  Just click “Visit me on Library Thing” in the box below to go to our site.

Beacon Press is the Publishing House for the Unitarian Universalist Association. Many of their books can be found in our library.

Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations Bookstore