Jan. New Humanist Forum

Sunday, January 21st at 12:15pm at Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship. Local author, Robert De Filippis, will speak about his course, CONSCIOUSNESS, QUANTUM AND NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES – A SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION, which is being offered this Spring semester at John A. Logan Community College starting Jan. 23.

It is a course for the curious minded adult who wonders about the final question. Come join us in an exploration of a topic that begs for a scientific explanation. Find out how we are trapped in either a religious or scientific story that may be stopping us from understanding the deeper mysteries of the universe. Mr. De Filippis’ book, Unexplained Consciousness Events: Exploring the Possibilities, will be used as the text for the course.  

The New Humanist Forum is a member-led group devoted to exploring together all the many facets of “what it means to be fully human.” To attend or participate one does not need to be a Fellowship member. The community is invited to this free event.