CUF Endowment Fund

Purpose of Endowment Fund

At the end of our services, the chalice light is extinguished with a reminder
that the light and warmth will continue in all of us.
Contributing to the CUF Endowment Fund is one way to ensure that your own light and warmth continue to promote the liberal religious presence of the  Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship.

Endowment funds are not intended to be used for annual operating expenses, but instead for some future “special” project or effort that the congregation votes to pursue.  A comparison might be made with the UUA Chalice Lighters Program which has granted us seed money to fund the growth of our Fellowship.   For example, Chalice Lighters grants helped us hire our first settled minister, aided us in planning for our new building and helped us conduct a successful capital plan for its construction.
The Endowment Committee members are:
Stan Aydt –
BJ Carr –
Martha Shum –

Feel free to contact the members of the CUF Endowment Fund with any questions.


Prior to 2008 Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship had received gifts from individuals that totaled over $120,000.  Those gifts were used to purchase the land and secure a mortgage for our new building.
In 2008 CUF voted to formalize an Endowment Fund.  Please see “Article XIII, Endowment Fund” in our bylaws.

Endowment Giving


Cash donations made to honor a family member or friend
Personalized brick in CUF Commemorative Terrace
Underwrite Event or program at the Fellowship

Special Gifts

Examples of past gifts to the Fellowship include refurbished organ, Commons area fireplace, and metal sculpture in the Courtyard.

Estate Planning

Contributions can be made through wills, insurance policies, stocks/bonds, real estate, etc.  Your own attorney or financial advisor may assist you.  The endowment Committee has names of professionals recommended by members.


For some extensive information about Endowment Giving we recommend you visit the UUA web site on Planned Giving. Contact the local Endowment Committee if you’d like some assistance.