Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship Committees

Arts and Aesthetics Committee– The Arts and Aesthetics Committee is vested with responsibility for the creation of interior and exterior spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, integrated, and appropriate to the design of the building, the nature of a religious institution, and the property on which it stands.  This is a standing committee appointed by the Board of Trustees.

Building & Grounds Committee – This committee is responsible for maintenance and repair of our current Fellowship building and for enlisting support of the congregation to facilitate use and ensure maintenance of our Building. It is also responsible for maintenance and repair of our grounds and landscaping and for enlisting support of the congregation to facilitate use and ensure maintenance of our church property on Parrish and Sunset.

Caring and Sharing Committee(for Members) – Coordinate services and outreach to members and friends who have had a hospitalization, illness, death, or other significant event in the family. Provides friendly calls, cards, visits, meals, and transportation to doctor’s appointments when needed, and any other needs the family identifies that members of the Caring & Sharing Team can provide. Assists hospitality Chairperson with the arranging for food to be provided by members attending receptions at memorial services.

Committee on Shared Ministry – One of the Standing Committees required by CUF bylaws is the Ministry Committee. This committee “assists the Minister in supporting and monitoring the health of the Fellowship’s ministry.” As Rev. Sarah is in Preliminary Ministry status with the UUA, the MC also contributes to her annual assessment (along with the Board of Trustees). The Committee on Shared Ministry is a recent name for the committee adopted at regional and national levels to emphasize that the many ministries of the congregation including pastoral care, outreach, lifespan religious education, worship, and social justice–not only the person of the minister–need to be monitored and supported. The CUF MC/COSM is Al Babbitt, Rhonda Curtis, Miriam Link-Mullison, and Charles Ruffner. Whatever name you want to use, this committee serves a vital purpose for our Fellowship, and we are grateful to the members’ commitment to its strong and healthy development!

Denominational Connections: This committee is responsible for providing a liaison to other religious groups through correspondence and participation and recommending actions to the Congregation.  These groups include:

Endowment Committee – The Endowment Committee oversees the Endowment Fund.

Fellowship Connections – Coordinates and works to improve internal communications published by the Fellowship, for the Fellowship Committee including CUF Links, the Email Bulletin, the Order of Service, and other possible publications. Coordinate developing the Membership Directory (an annual publication with member/family photos).  Develop membership recruitment materials including informational brochures about Unitarians in general and specifically about the Fellowship.

Finance Committee– This is a standing committee of the board. Its chair is the Treasurer, and the Minister is an ad hoc member. The President, including at least two additional members from the Board of Trustees and at least two additional members from the congregation-at-large, appoints the remaining 4-6 members. One member serves as a liaison to, or is a member of, the annual Stewardship Committee.

Hospitality Committee– This committee is responsible for making arrangements that create a welcoming atmosphere at Fellowship activities.  The Hospitality Committee coordinates refreshments as needed for certain all-congregational events.

Income Manager & Counters Committee – Count and document collections on Sunday mornings and arranges for deposits.

CIC 40th Anniversary DinnerInterfaith Connections: 

  • The Carbondale Interfaith Council (monthly meetings) The purpose of the Interfaith Council is to make God’s love visible in our community by fostering interfaith cooperation, sharing religious experiences, engaging in service, discovering unity while respecting our differences, and speaking with courage and strength for justice.
  • Ralph Anderson Interfaith Dialogues –
  • The Carbondale Churchwomen United (monthly meetings) –

Library Committee – To establish proprieties and scope for the library collection, to operate the library, keep books shelved, and maintain a helpful directory; including coordination of the adult and RE libraries, keeping our literature and brochure racks full and up to date and maintaining the CUF archive of printed materials. Photo archives, a living history project and member directories can also be part of this committee’s responsibility.

Membership Committee – This committee is responsible for promoting membership development.

Music Committee– This committee is responsible for music at Sunday services and overseeing the maintenance of the organ and piano.

Nominating Committee: The duties of this committee are specified in Article VIII.6 of the By-Laws.

Office Volunteers – Assist the Office Administration Assistant with day to day administrative tasks, including calendar updates, fellowship publications, mailing lists, etc.

Outreach and Visibility Committee – Coordinates advertising, public relations, press release development and distribution on behalf of the Fellowship and particular Fellowship programs; also signs and generally anything that helps us reach out to the wider community and to those who might not know about our congregation or Unitarian Universalism.

Pastoral Friends Committee – The Pastoral Friends Program is intended to complement (not to replace) the pastoral care offered by the minister.  It is a ministry of “being” rather than “doing,” a ministry of offering caring companionship to those who face the crises and challenges of life.  A Pastoral Friend is a warm, caring person who listens well and respects the boundaries of privacy appropriately.  He or she is an honest, authentic person who continues to grow through his or her own experience.

Personnel: This is a standing committee of the board.  Its chair is the Vice President.  The Personnel Committee shall also include the minister and at least one member of the Finance Committee.

Program Committee – This committee is responsible for coordinating special activities for Fellowship members and community members.

Program Groups at the Fellowship:

  • New Humanist Forum
  • The Artists Series
  • Earth Spirituality Group (Pagan Spirituality)
  • Awakening Heart Dharma Group (Buddhist Meditation Group)
  • Mindfulness Meditation Group
  • Society of Stitchers
  • Image Spinners
  • Roundtable Readers
  • Video Circle
  • Unitarian Folk Orchestra
  • Unitarian Recorder Ensemble
  • Unitarian Dulcimer Society
  • CUF Art Colony
  • CUF Drum Circle
  • Shamanic Drumming
  • Open Minds
  • Carol’s Lunch Bunch
  • Commemorative Terrace 
  • DreamWorks 
  • Inter-generational Potluck
  • International Coffee Hour
  • Psi Symposium

Rainbow Café Along with the Church of the Good Shepherd and the First Christian Church (D of C), CUF sponsors the Rainbow Café. Rainbow Cafe’s mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth, their friends, and those questioning their orientation by creating a space where they are affirmed and offered non-judgmental support and access to personal, community, and spiritual resources.  This group meets once a week on Friday evenings in their own space in Carbondale.

Religious Education Committee : This committee will plan for and provide religious education for children and youth of the congregation.

Social Action Committee –This council is composed of leaders of recognized social and environmental responsibility initiatives consistent with the Mission and Vision statements, and Welcoming Congregation status.  The council’s purpose is to coordinate work done in these different areas and to authorize new social and environmental initiatives.  It also has responsibility for designating beneficiaries of monthly social action collections.

These initiatives include:

  • AIDS Africa Project/Red Ribbon Congregation
  • Alternative Gift Fair
  • Fair Trade/Equal Exchange
  • Green Sanctuary
  • Religious Education Social Justice Projects: Cardboard City, Easter Baskets for Women’s Center, Trick or Treat for UNICEF
  • Feed My Sheep
  • Social Action Yard Sale
  • Spirit of Christmas

Stewardship Committee: This committee is responsible for conducting an annual stewardship campaign (obtain pledges) to support the annual operation of the Fellowship and for conducting special fund-raising campaigns.

Sunday Service Committee: This committee, in conjunction with the minister, plans the Sunday services and special worship services.

Website and New Technology Committee:   The Website and New Technology committee wil develop and maintain a Fellowship website and associated computer based technology opportunities for outreach and connection.

Women’s Retreat: Once a year, the women of the Fellowship gather at beautiful Little Grassy Lake for a weekend retreat. We come together to share and grow.