Becoming a Member

Become a Member of the Congregation

Unitarian Universalist churches, fellowships and societies work from the ground up.  Technically, we are not a denomination but an association of individual congregations, so we aren’t required to follow the directives of any diocese or district office whose staffers may barely know our congregants.

Becoming a Member

Signing the Book

What this means is that our members are really owners of this fellowship – they set the vision, they create the programs, and they take the stands.

As a member, you are entitled to vote in our elections, which means you have a voice in how we budget our money and through that, how we translate our longings for justice and equality into action in the wider world.

As a member, you are entitled to chair committees and to serve on our Board, letting you exercise your vision in the service of our shared mission.

As a member, you are entitled to vote on whom we call to serve us as our minister.  When a minister resigns or retires, we don’t get sent a new one by some faceless bureaucrat.  We poll our members about what kind of church they want us to move forward with, and then we meet with the ministers who best match our needs and goals in order to determine for ourselves who will address our spiritual questions in the future.

Questions about becoming a member should be directed to either our Minister, Sarah Richards or to any Board of Trustee member – recognizable by their blue name tags.