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This Sunday at 12:30 pm at CUF after the service. Social Action Quarterly Meeting:  All are welcome–especially energetic folks new to the Fellowship or to the SA committee. We need you! And we’re very nice!

The Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship invites members of the congregation to discuss the future of the Fellowship Grounds.  We will meet Sunday, February 26 at noon for 1 hour.

There is more we could do with the commitment of a dedicated few, and the support of many more.  What can we do that is sustainable?  What is permaculture? Where is the commitment?

Come share your vision as we establish principles, draft a long term plan, prioritize projects and identify the individuals willing to commit to sustain them over time.  This will be an initial conversation.  For information, call Jerry Molumby, Yo Presley, Al Babbitt or Peggy Degan.

The newest edition of the Member Directory has been posted to our Member Page.
Passwords for access may be requested from any Board Member or our Office Administrator.

New Humanist Forum: “Who Owns National TV News?

The next New Humanist Forum is Sunday, January 15th at 12:15pm at Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship, 105 N. Parrish Lane, Carbondale, IL. Eileen R. Meehan, SIU professor in the College of Mass Communications and Media Arts, will present “Who Owns National TV News?” Most coverage of the 2016 presidential election focused on the “horse race” and personal friction between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Generally ignored were the  corporations that own operations and run them as profitable businesses that advance their owners’ vested interests.

Eileen R. Meehan researches media ownership, the structure of media corporations, and how ownership and corporate structure shape corporate decisions about what we get from the media.

The New Humanist Forum is a member-led group devoted to exploring together all the many facets of “what it means to be fully human.” To attend or participate one does not need to be a Fellowship member.

The community is invited to this free event.

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