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CUF Admin
July 17, 2016

Reflections on The New Jim Crow – Lay Led Service

Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship Lay-led Service July 17, 2016 Introduction: Linda Linsin The theme for this month is Journeys. My fellow Racial Justice Book Club readers and I are on an awakening journey to understand racial divides. We are making an effort to educate our “white” selves to the plight of our brothers and sisters of…

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Sarah Richards
July 10, 2016

News from Heart Land

So many words. So many words written on FaceBook, emails, newspapers. So, so many words spoken on the radio, on the tv, in press conferences, vigils, words shouted in pain and words whispered lest the babies hear. So many words, and none of them can give us what we are all yearning for—meaning, understanding, resolution,…

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