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Dear CUF Folks,

“What does it mean to be a people of simplicity?” That is our theme for the month of June, and it is also a fitting question for us spiritual seekers throughout our lives. The question directs us to focus on our core values, the necessities of life, and our basic purpose in any given moment. Cool project for the summer, right? After examining the challenges and rewards of simplicity, we may look at it as an ongoing process, a journey, of sorts. July’s theme explores what it means to be a people of journeys, both the travel kind and the internal perspective kind—gaining insight from a distance, in miles or meditation, is key for simplicity and personal growth in general. Where will you go this summer? Where will your introspection take you? In August, we will deepen our focus further, living into the theme of “Slowing down,” right when our calendars might encourage us to be ramping up for the frenzy that is Fall. Slowing down may seem a simplistic theme—it certainly is simple, but it’s not easy! It is a disciplined kind of journey that requires patience. How will you slow down and pay attention this summer?

Our Communications team took up the theme of simplicity in putting the CUF Links monthly newsletter on hiatus for the summer, and to make a survey to see where and how we should focus our communications efforts within and beyond CUF. Look for the survey this month—all those who submit their response by the stated deadline will have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to the Neighborhood Coop!

The line up for Summer Sundays will be posted here on our website and in the weekly Bulletin in the next few weeks. I’ll be doing my best to focus on the essentials of life and ministry at CUF this summer:

June 20 – 22 I’ll be attending UU Ministry Days in Columbus, OH, and then June 23-26 I’ll participate in the UUA General Assembly as CUF Delegate. Both of these gatherings are important for professional development, spiritual practice (I’ll sing in the UUMA choir), and worship, and also to gather information and resources for use by Fellowship leaders and members. I’ll be posting highlights on my Facebook page. I’d LOVE to have CUF folks join me and thousands of UUs from around the country to bring back some of the energy, ideas, and resources from GA. It’s not too late to register–please contact me if you’re interested!

June 27- July 4 Study Leave
July 5 – 10 CUF (lead service 6/10)
July 11 – 31 Study Leave, vacation
August 1 – 27 CUF (lead services 8/7, 8/14,8/21)
August 28 – September 4 Study Leave.
Mark your calendars now: Ingathering Sunday with Water Communion will be Sunday, September 11.

I look forward to a summer of spiritual growth through simplicity, journeys and slowing down with you!